Customized CEP (Communication Earplug) specially developed for Military Aviation. Made for pilots and users in all applications of Air Force -Jets, Helicopters and utility/transport aircraft.

How it works?
The first part of the system will be integrated in the flight helmet, compatible with most of the modern flying helmets.
The second part of the system – the customized CEP – is produced from imprints of the user’s ears.
CEP has an individual and unique fit, enabling the highest level of comfort, attenuation and intelligibility.

MILIEARS CEP is especially developed for the high requirements of Military aviation use.

– High level of attenuation – reduced risk of a hearing loss
– Lower noise exposure level – gives more physical power and concentration
– Separate audio channel – clearer and outright audio signal from the intercom
– Filtered system – Compensation for changes in cabin pressure
– 2 sound channels – signal conduction in every situation

Product details:

Material: Medical Polyurethane material with the highest biocompatibility. Easy to insert, transforms to smooth and soft immediately after reaching the body temperature.

Filter: Noise and air pressure compensation in one part. Resistant against water, dust, and wax, proven for a long time in heavy industry. Regulated pressure compensation flow through the filter.

Audio Channel for Intercom: High-class speaker with clear sound receives the signal from the Intercom. Balanced frequency spectrum and output.

Construction: The system is customized according to the size of the user’s ear canal. Small size gives the highest possible wearing comfort under the helmet. The smallest available structure on the market.

Cable: Our CEP systems use only the highest cable quality. TPE cable constructed with Kevlar inside guarantees a long lifetime for the product.

Connector: Multicomp connector is standard. Other types of connectors can be delivered on request.

Pressure/altitude compensation: 

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

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