Firefly PRO Waterbug

The all-new Firefly PRO Waterbug is a SOLAS-approved strobe light with a built-in water activation feature that will automatically activate

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Cyalume 6″ Lightsticks

A portable and cost-efficient light source. Each lightstick is a pliable, plastic tube filled with two nontoxic chemicals. Sealed foil

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When it comes to saving lives, anything less than the best is not an option. The all-new Firefly PRO rescue

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Sirius MILTAC Strobe

A military/tactical personal strobe light offers the user the choice of a flashing covert IR signal (not visible to the

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Tri-Sirius Strobe

Developed for rescue swimmers and other SAR personnel, the Tri-Sirius features a multi-position switch giving the user the choice of

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Aqua-Sirius LRS

The Aqua-Sirius LRS provides water-activated functionality. Utilizing the latest in LED and solid state electronics, LSC has developed a series of

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