MS.00 Sailing

The MS.00 Sailing version is designed for use on sailing yachts which usually are without strong rail or gunwale to lean onto, when lifting an unconscious MOB manually. It is therefore not designed for manual lifting. When a conscious person is pulled in in standing position it can be used as emergency ladder.


  • A complet system to recovery a person either conscious or unconscious.
    Reach – secure – climb or hoist.
  • Can be pulled under an unconscious person at the side, with double direction boat hook.
  • Lifts under the person when hoisted. Easy to enter in bulky inflated lifejacket.
  • Provides rescue swimmer security link to boat, a mean to secure person in and to secure his way back on board.
  • The attachment line“A”: Length 14m
  • The Throw-line “D”: Length 25m packed in throw-bag equipped with chest-loop for rescue swimmer.
  • Comes as standard in a white PVC fabric bag with both the basic use instruction and packing instruction.
  • It comes ready for use.
  • It is easy to repack.
  • Size of bag in cm: L65xH40xW12,5
  • Total weight with the complete system: 5 kg
  • The bag is fastened to extension wire or rail, by two straps and the net secured to yacht with snap hook

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