Maxillo Faceshield

The Maxillofacial Shield (optional) is made in carbon and aramidic fabrics and provides a lower face protection from rotor wash, flying debris and windblast during helicopter operations.

It attaches to the helmet by a dedicate easy-to-use coupling/uncoupling mechanism. Such mechanism can be operated with one hand (either left or right) and the coupling to the shell can be done thanks to the side mounts anchored to the shell.

The Maxillofacial Shield is equipped with a safety strap which keeps it anchored to the helmet shell also after the release of the mechanism.

The strap is in fact hooked to a quick-release pin already fixed on the helmet shell, in order to avoid to lost the Maxillofacial Shield in case of involuntary release and at same same allows a quick release of it in case of necessity.


  • Medium and Large

Available for both the H-CMR and H-CMB models

Provides ballistic fragmentation protection of 17 grain FSP up to 550 feet per second (FPS).

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