Inflatable Walls

Manufactured for Inflatable Wall Company (IWC) by Survitec, the rapidly deployable and fully scalable Inflatable Wall system is used to create an immersive and realistic CQB training environment anywhere.

Design, plan, build and train in minutes
Law Enforcement and Military Operations will invariably take place in urban environments which are complex and multidimensional, creating a challenging environment in which to operate.  Urban tactics techniques and procedures are formed around the basic requirements to clear and move through a series of interconnected rooms, hallways and buildings.  Small team movement, weapon handling and communication are key to the execution of well rehearsed drills, and the adaption of drills in the successful execution of the mission.

Training enhances survivability.
These skills are only learned and developed through regular and routine training and practice.  The Survitec Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS) provides a rapidly deployable, flexible and robust training environment in which this vital training can take place.  The IWTS enables Law Enforcement and Military personnel to design, build and train when and where they need to.  The system has been designed to be used with paint marking ammunition and has been certified for use by Simunition(R) for use with their full range of FTX marker rounds.  Survitec have also worked closely with other users to ensure that performance is maintained with other paint marking ammunition providers.

The IWTS is pre-configured into 4 pack sizes, with expansion packs available to grow the system from one level to the next.  Bespoke packs can also be developed to meet specific training requirements.  The rapidly configurable training system is composed of 5 common building shapes to allow the user to recreate any urban environment or scenario.  The system is reusable, compact and easy to transport.  Available in 4 skin colours to accurately reflect the environments in to which it will be deployed.  Specific designs are an option.

Rapidly Deployable and Flexible Training Infrastructure
The Survitec Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS) delivers the infrastructure required to teach, train and practice urban Close Quarter Battle (CQB) skills and drills. The IWTS is a flexible, deployable and reconfigurable system that can be used where it’s needed, making training immersive and accessible.


Used Globally by Militaries and Law Enforcement
Our Inflatable Wall Training System is in use across the globe with militaries and law enforcement agencies, enabling the daily delivery of critical urban tactical training. Our users define the requirement and we develop our system to support your training delivery. Tell us about your needs and we will help you select the system to enhance your training delivery.


Integrated breaching tactics and techniques into shoothouse drills.


Training Walls
Providing infrastructure to deliver initial training through complex mission rehearsals


Tested and approved by simunition for use with its range of 5.56mm anf 9mm training ammunitions


Video Demonstration

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