DSB Ice Rescuer ERS1

Rescuers can safely retrieve victims who have fallen in water through ice by hoisting them onto one end of the Ice Rescuer ERS1 Inflatable Boat’s mattress. From the shore, a boat, from water or ice, this method of rescue does not place the rescuer in danger.

The DSB Ice Rescuer ERS1 Inflatable Boat features an apron, weighted with lead, that protects the endangered person from sharp ice edges. A three-chamber system with integrated valves acts as pressure relief. The craft’s outer skin is made from Cordura, while its inner section bladder is made with PVC.

An elevated Y-front section offers enhanced positioning and load-spread at the place of fracture in the ice. An additional grab line bracket enables the fixation of the rescued person by the ice rescuer.

The system may be inflated manually by means of a double-stroke bellow or with compressed air.

Additional Special Equipment

Rescue quoit with buoyant rope for immediate rescue of the endangered person

Line cutter with pocket to fix to the Ice Rescuer ERS 1 to cut entangled lines

Rescue Line

The buoyant line fixes on the bridle of the Ice Rescuer ERS 1

Ice Pick

To enable and enhance progress on ice surfaces

Tube diameter: 220mm

Length overall: 2365mm

Length: 1700mm

Beam: 660mm

Beam overall: 1300mm

Tube capacity: 247 litres

Connecting type: quick connector

Operating head: hand valve

Signal colour: red

Weight of tube system: 8kg

Weight ERS: 1.10kg

All around grab line

Yellow bridle stowage bag

Red compressed air bottle: 1.5 litres, 200 bar

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