Flyers Gloves, GS/FRP-2

These flyers gloves are made of form fitting antistatic NOMEX- heat and fire resistant to 700° F. Durable, premium grade leather palm and fingers. Excellent thermal protection. Trigger finger stitching for additional grip and cutting locations that prevent unraveling. Unlike issued low-bid versions, exclusive additional elastic gather on glove back holds it snug in tactical situations. Protective overcuff. Washable.

All gloves meet military specification MIL-G-81188B.


  • Form fitting Nomex® with soft, durable leather palm
  • Trigger finger stitching for extra grip
  • Double stitched patterns
  • Heat & Fire resistant to 700° F
  • Excellent thermal protection


Hold your hand out with your fingers together and thumb extended out. Start measuring palm from between the index finger and thumb, continue around the outside of the palm and back around on the inside of the palm making a complete circle with the measuring tape. Total inches around entire palm determines the size glove you will need.


Comes in a «Double stichted» version aswell

Colors available:

  • Sage Green / Grey
  • Royal / Grey
  • Black / Grey,
  • Navy Blue / Grey
  • Navy / Navy
  • Black / Black
  • Tan / Tan

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