AV2.2 Fixed Wing Flight Helmet

The AV2.2 fixed wing helmet is a groundbreaking innovation, setting a new standard as the lightest, most comfortable, and breathable design, while providing unmatched superior protection in helmet history.

Keeping pilot safety and performance at the forefront, LIFT have elevated the aviation helmet to new standards. It boasts remarkable lightweight design, exceptional comfort, and superior breathability, all while delivering top-notch protection.


12K CARBON FIBER – A lightweight and high-performance material offering strength and durability in various applications

AIRFLOW COMFORT LINER – Made from DriFire, a fire-resistant composite, this moisture wicking liner draws sweat away from the wearers head and is entirely replaceable

FLOW VENTS – Exhaust ports allows cool air in and push hot air out



In just 3 years LIFT made significant improvements to the fixed wing helmet, surpassing testing milestones unattained by any other helmet.

Excels in 53 demanding MIL-STD test, effectively absorbing impact forces with a lightweight koroyd liner and robust EPS shell.

21% LIGHTER – in its sleek configuration, the AV2.2 weighs 21% less than the typical fixed wing helmet.

22% ENHANCED BALANCE – A significant 22% enhancement in its center of balance, a crucial improvement when adding other configurations.

2.6o INCREASED FOV – The visor design provides an additional 2.6 degrees of field of view. These incremental advantages offer the pilot a competitive edge.


A custom/personalized fit in the AV 2.2 is an easy task for the user with our variously sized comfort liner fitting pads. The system of 5 comfort liner pads inside the helmet can be customized using any combination of 7-, 10-, or 13-millimeter thicknesses to achieve the best custom fit possible with limited maintenance.


Learn more about LIFT and AV2.2 here:

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