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470 GPM

Engineered to SOLAS standards, the 470 GPM comprises of a skin and buoyancy tube manufactured from UV resistant Hypalon with independent air compartments and safe, flush integrated valves.

The boat hull features an inflatable keel inserted into sleeve sections. The 470 GPM is equipped with a single inflation system which can be used to inflate the all buoyancy compartments including the keel, with each chamber protected with pressure relief valves. A heavy duty construction, advanced performance capabilities and innovative design, the 470 GPM is fully adaptable for a variety of applications including fast rescue, infiltration and extraction, and covert missions. Fully customisable accessories such as reinforcements, handles, ropes and other optional extras.

  • Design and construction benchmarked against SOLAS Rescue Boat standards
  • Heavy duty construction, manufactured form UV resistant, robust Hypalon fabric
  • Available in 3 different floor options
  • Customizable accessories such as reinforcements, handles and rope
  • Innovative extras to enhance the operators capabilities

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