36/P Flight Jacket

The 36/P Flight Jacket will keep you comfortable while on the job in summer weather. Not only will the jacket keep you comfortable, it will also ensure your safety while on duty in areas where you may encounter an open flame. The Nomex fabric that the jacket is built with is fire-resistant to stop burns and shield your body. Constructed in the United States, this high quality jacket is Berry Amendment Compliant for wear in the United States military. Knit cuffs and a knit waistband seal firmly around your body to block foreign contaminants from entering into the interior of the jacket. With numerous pockets that lock shut, you will enjoy plenty of storage space that is secure to avoid accessory loss.


  • Summer weight jacket will keep you comfortable
  • Manufactured in USA and Berry Compliant for US military wear
  • Nomex fire-resistant fabric shields your body
  • Zipper tape for better durability
  • Knit cuffs and waistband seal out foreign contaminants
  • Manufactured to MIL-J-83382C US mil-spec
  • Front zipper closure with storm flap to keep moisture out
  • Stitched patch pockets with hook and loop fastener


S-R 8415-01-608-2978 SAGE
M-R 8415-01-608-2981 SAGE
L-R 8415-01-608-2983 SAGE
XL-R 8415-01-608-3123 SAGE
XXL-R 8415-01-608-3136 SAGE
S-R 8415-01-607-9169 TAN
M-R 8415-01-607-9189 TAN
L-R 8415-01-607-9190 TAN
XL-R 8415-01-607-9192 TAN
XXL-R 8415-01-607-9194 TAN

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