MK45 Rotary Wing Life Preserver


The MK45 life preserver is designed for use on rotary and transport aircraft. The life preserver is a sleeveless garment comprising a waistcoat and detachable floatation assembly and pouch.

 The pouch contains an inflatable stole, six pockets, 4 external and 2 internal, suitable for the stowage of a personal locator beacon and survival aids. When the stole inflates, it adapts its shape to support the wearer at the correct angle of floatation.

If the wearer enters the water face down, the stole will turn them onto their back with nose and mouth held clear of the water. The lamp is visible as soon as the life preserver has inflated and illuminates automatically when the battery is immersed in water.

– Manufactured from flame retardant material

– External and internal pocketry for STASS, PLB and survival aids

– Available in three sizes Lifting beckets fitted as standard

– Specific pocketry to operator requirements

– Supplied fully operational or non-operational

Weight: 1.5 kg

Buoyancy: 225 Newtons

CO2 cylinder: 1 x 45g disposable

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