Thermal Protection Garmet - Shortie/Longie/Combie

The bfa Nomex «Delta C» Thermal Protection Garments, called TPG, are produced in three different variations; Shortie, Longie and Combie

The Shortie is a garment fitted with short sleeves and short legs. Its field of application is mainly where the requirements for insulation and fire protection are not rated as important as comfort and mobility. The Shortie’s insulation is concentrated on the core of the wearer’s body. By that it supports the human body concentrating its thermal regulation system to the core and reducing blood circulation in the arms and legs. Therefore heatloss through the extremities and the body’s core is reduced considerably.

The Longie is fitted with long sleeves and legs. It therefore has even better insulation properties against cold than the Shortie. Also the fire protection properties are higher than with the Shortie.

The Combie answers the needs of the wearer for protection under extreme cold
conditions. The core part of the wearer’s body is protected by two layers of fabric, whereas the arms and lower legs are only covered by one layer. The Combie therefore has the highest insulation characteristics and at the same time offers maximum protection against fire. This construction again supports the effect of the body concentrating its thermal regulation system to the core and reducing blood circulation in the arms and legs. Therefore heatloss through the extremities and the body’s core is reduced to a minimum.


– The fabrics used to manufacture the bfa Thermal Protection Garment is constructed double sided.

– Nomex «Delta C» faces to the outside to protect against flames and towards the inside soft Merino Wool to provide an optimal insulation.

– The protection level is as high as with garments made from Nomex III. At the same time it is designed to provide maximum comfort.

– The material is particularly soft and does not absorb moisture. Instead the fibres transfer moisture away from the skin.

– Also the Nomex «Delta C» provides antistatic properties. The most important properties of Nomex «Delta C» lie in its excellent thermal and chemical stability. 

– The fibre neither burns nor melts. It starts to disintegrate at temperatures above 370 °C.

– The weight of the material is 200 gr./m².

Yarn Composition:

– Nomex «Delta C» consists of:

     – 93% Nomex,

     – 5% Kevlar

     – 2% P140 antistatic fibres.

– The Nomex fibre is a 1,4 dtex Nomex.

– The Merinowool is 100% pure Wool from merino sheep.



– Manufactured in 13 sizes.
  (Contact us for more info about sizes) 



– Available in the colour sage green.


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